How can i learn to play the tin whistle?

Have you ever found that you just had to stop what you were doing and sing a popular song on the fly? Have you ever found yourself really wishing you could just sing along with another song? Well tests have been done that show that we can have a much stronger desire to sing along to popular songs than we have to sing along to a tune. If you have that exact same desire, then you can learn to play the tin whistle. Many people sing along to concerts, advertisements, advertising, and a whole host of other things that are already written down.

Few pointers to learn tin whistle

Whistle Placement : You can cover the top three holes by using your normal three middle fingers. The three middle fingers of your right hand cover the bottom three holes. The thumbs are used to stabilize the back of your whistle, while the pinky in the right hand is used to support the bottom. The PADS of your fingers should be used to cover the holes, not the fingertips. This is a common mistake that many make and doesn’t give the right tone.

D Major : Start with the Lower Octave of Scale of D Major. Use the diagram to practice the D Major scale. You can practice it several times until you feel comfortable moving up and down the scale.

Breathe technique: Breathe slowly through the whistle, and you will soon feel comfortable with your breathing. This is important to learn early. Slow, steady blowing will determine the tone quality. Speed is not important when you are just starting out. Accuracy is the most important. You can master speed later. Otherwise, you will be playing too fast and out-of-tune.

Add the upper Octave to the Scale D Major: Use the diagram to play the D Major scale again. This time, you will be continuing to the higher octave that requires more blowing. This is a good practice to do repeatedly.

Mary Had a Little Lamb: After you have mastered the notes try to play the note sequence in the lullaby Mary Had A Little Lamb. Because it is so well-known, this lullaby can be used. You can now focus on the melody and your note playing, having the melody in your head since childhood. Scroll down to see the notes.

Moving on to Traditional Irish Tunes: Once you have mastered the D major scale and are able to play a simple sequence such as Mary Had A Little Lamb you can start learning an Irish tune. Which tune should you start with? Try some of our beginner tunes picks of the traditional Irish Music

  • The Galway Belle Polka
  • Deirdre’s Fancy Slip Jig
  • Off She Goes Jig
  • The Rattlin’ Bog
  • The Siege of Ennis

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