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Although it is easy to learn the basic notes and scale of the Tin Whistle, mastering transitions and breath control, good tone and good tone, as well as ornamentation, makes the instrument a difficult one to master. the tin whistle is perhaps one of the easiest wind instruments out there for making a sound. The tin whistle is actually pretty forgiving of the shape of your mouth and lips (called the embouchure) and how you blow air through the instrument. Here are the list of songs that your kid can choose for the next Irish gig. ,

Oro Se Do Bheatha Bheaile

Oro Se Do Bheatha Bheaile Tin Whistle music is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a lovely song in Irish/Gaeilge. It is the exact same as The Drunken Sailor, and it’s suitable for all ages. To help you get started, I have provided the basic letter notes and a YouTube video that demonstrates how each note is played. Once you are proficient, you will be able to boast that you can play the whistle in Irish. Another song that is very popular among children is Michael Row Your Boat Ashore. It’s also easy to follow along with the video and I have provided the letter notation. You can find a lot of songs to choose from on the site, which is great for beginners before you move on to the more advanced options.

Dirty Old Town

Once you’ve learned the basics, you can try harder songs like Dirty Old Town with tin whistle. You should only learn one line per song. Folk music is limited to four lines. Sometimes the chorus may have a different melody, but generally it’s only four lines. Once you are proficient in the first line, move on to the second. The first two lines should be combined. Next, practice the second line until you feel comfortable playing them together. Finally, repeat the process with the next 2 lines. Keep practicing and don’t give up.

When The Saints go Marching In

Another easy song is When The Saints go Marching In. It’s also suitable for children. I use the key D to mark it. You can tell when the F note in sharp is in the key D. If you see two of these ##, you will know it’s the Key of D. If you only see one sharp #, it’s in key G. Most songs can be played with the whistle and keys on the whistle, depending on where your fingers are. You can move on to the Learning The Tin Whistle section when you’re ready. There are many more songs that are slightly harder. Some songs may be easier for you.


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