Should I learn the tin whistle?

Before you start learning an instrument, it is important to understand how difficult or easy it is. This will help you set realistic expectations about your abilities. Is the tin-tongue an easy or difficult instrument to learn?

Is it easy or difficult to learn the Tin Whistle?

The Clarke’s Tin Whistle Book by Bill Ochs was my guide during my 30-day challenge to learn the tinwhistle. It is a great introduction to the Tin Whistle. I found that even though it is simple to build, has many subtleties that can be difficult to master.

I discovered that I could learn the fingerings quickly and smoothly transition between songs, so I could learn and memorize many songs in one month. Some of this ability can be attributed to my previous experience with playing an instrument. If you already have musical experience, learning the basics of the Tin Whistle is simple to intermediate.

If you don’t have any musical experience, the intermediate difficulty level will be sufficient to learn how to play the tin whistle. No matter what your musical background is, it will be difficult to master the subtleties of an instrument, particularly ornamentation .

Final Thoughts

Is it difficult to learn an instrument? Because everyone is different and have different musical backgrounds, I’ve divided this question into several parts. This will allow you to assess the difficulty of learning an instrument. You will also find a summary of the difficulty of learning the tin whistle in each category.

Making a sound – Simple
Learning the fingerings – Intermediate
How to achieve a good tone – Intermediate to Difficult
Transitions – Intermediate and Difficult
High Playing – Intermediate
Ornamentation – Difficult

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