Wooden flutes are great instrument

I love flutes with a passion; especially a flute that I first played when I was in school anywhere that I could get it. It’s really quite cool. A few years ago I walked into a flute store down by the river. On the shelf were tons of flutes, unison flutes, and their accessories. People follow you all over the place – some leading to a sale, others to chit chat. The thing they all have in common is; they all carried different brands.

The two that caught my eye the most are; ring swords offering only $1, cluttered with several other bells and whistles along with the bells for each pitch, and an resonating Spirit limited edition meant to be played on a shoe. The ring swords look like a sweetheart; but after putting them on for the first time I worried they weren’t made to be played on my shoe. I put them on and they sounded OK. They met my G values, were usable, and I felt they were pretty good quality. The other one, the ones with the plastic body and the silver tips, were not ok. I like the sound of the Spirit flute the most, although I was uncomfortable using the way it was packaged.

I took home the $500 I had spent on the rented flutes and threw them in theorems. The second one I picked out, even though it was brand new, wasn’t the $500 unusable flute; it was another kind of flute I bought from an online store. It sounded very similar to the ringswords, but was much too resonated to be played on my shoe. I threw them away.

I had about 64 order forms sitting in my little basket of flutes, ready for action. Knowing $500 is a lot of money, I wasn’t about to send the other nine filled flutes back, especially if they were all faulty. So I decided to put some time in and decide which ones to order. To save a lot of time I chose to order some test flutes from an online dealer; my choice was the confid>) Music World violating flute. Coupled with a 24 hour refund policy it’s a close call!!

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